Pros And Cons Of Ceramic Treatment In Cars

The ceramic treatment term is now familiar to most car enthusiasts today. Even after buying their new car, some of them take their car for ceramic coating. It is a kind of clear coating composed of liquid polymer. Once the ceramic coating is done on a car’s body, it forms a chemical bonding with the car's factory paint. When it is coated, it can only be withdrawn by abrasion and not by any means. You can contact PPF ProShield Montreal if you want a ceramic coating for your new or old car. 

Pros and cons of ceramic treatment in cars


  • Protection

Ceramic coating provides protection to your car’s surface. The nano-coating protects the vehicle from scratches, chemical components, and dirt. It also does not have any side effects on the original paint. 

  • Lasts longer

Ceramic coating lasts longer than standard paint because the coating gets mixed with the stock paint forming a powerful chemical bonding. The protection stays intact even after heavy shocks and vibrations.

  • Easy to clean

Ceramic coating is easier to cleanse. The body panels of the car will become smooth and abrasion free. Such a surface does not allow dirt to stick on the surface. Even if it does, you can simply swipe the dirt away with a clean cloth, bringing the car back to its radiant finish.

  • Better than waxing

Earlier in the day, we used wax to give extra shine to our cars. But, waxing is temporary and will wear off eventually. Both ceramic coating and waxing take considerable time to apply. But ceramic coating is more reasonable than waxing in the long run due to its better finish and long life. 

  • Cost-effective

The longevity of the ceramic coating makes it highly cost-effective. The ceramic coating gives your car a better and premium look.


  • Price

We know the advantages of ceramic coating, but it comes at a high price. The type of ceramic coating and its quality decides its price of it. It might be cheaper than paint protection film, but the ceramic coating price is still high.

  • Takes time

Applying a ceramic coating to your car takes some time. If you are planning for ceramic coating in your vehicle, you may have to leave your car for at least three days to complete the task. If the coating is not performed professionally or correctly, it might make the car look worse than the original paint of your vehicle.