The Different Ways to Boost Automotive Leads


Boost your automotive leads using the latest tools available to drive traffic to your dealership's website. For example, some devices allow you to communicate with customers in a personal way, guiding them to the website and setting up test drives.

Online Presence

A robust online presence is essential for automotive businesses in today's market. Studies have shown that as much as 59% of car buyers research their purchases online. An online presence enables dealers to stay connected with their customers and increase sales. Providing customers a convenient way to schedule an appointment online has increased sales by 40%.

In addition to having a solid website, dealers should also utilize online marketing to boost automotive leads. For an online presence that is highly engaging, businesses can use integrated technology solutions that include social media accounts and websites. These solutions also offer features that enhance search engine optimization and metadata.

Customer Reviews

Consumer reviews are essential in deciding which car dealership to go to; getting as many customer reviews as possible is necessary. The more positive reviews you get, the more customer trust you will gain. Make sure you are posting these testimonials on as many channels as possible.

To get more reviews, make the process easy for your customers. For example, offer a review app in your store or include a link in your email. Also, ensure that the connection is mobile-optimized.


Advertising for automotive dealerships is an effective way to reach car buyers who live near the dealership. With the help of targeting metrics, dealers can get prospective customers by targeting users by location, purchase intent, and interest in a particular make or model. In addition, some platforms allow dealerships to show ads to people interested in purchasing a new or used car. This ensures a complete funnel of qualified leads for automotive dealerships.

Some also use intelligent techniques to target users through an algorithm to show ads relevant to the target audience. This ensures that the ads do not get annoying to users who are not interested in your products.

Multi-step Forms

Multi-step forms are a great way to educate your audience about your product or service. For example, car companies can include an EMI calculator or an insurance calculator. Health brands can consist of a BMI metric or other interactive tools to help the consumer make an informed decision. These forms help users navigate the entire digital experience and are often more engaging for visitors.

Multi-step forms are beneficial for lead capture. Not only do they collect more information than standard forms, but they also help you optimize your brand offerings. These forms can also include a progress indicator so users know where they are in the process.

Live Chat

Adding live chat to a dealership website allows dealership reps to offer expert customer service to many prospects. For example, potential customers may have questions about specific car models or may be unsure what type of part they need for their vehicle. Providing expert advice online can help dealerships make more sales. Furthermore, the technology allows dealerships to track website visitor behavior and provide timely assistance.

Besides being highly efficient in keeping visitors on your website, automotive live chat helps you convert web browsers into leads. This live chat feature can increase automotive sales leads by 30 to 60 percent by providing instant support to your site visitors. Moreover, it allows dealers to build rapport with website visitors, who are often reluctant to share personal information.