Essential Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers

Driving safety becomes a top priority when days and nights are spent on the road. You want to ensure that your cargo and others remain protected from harm. While you cannot prevent accidents from happening, you could mitigate damage and injury by taking care to follow some preventative and proactive measures. The following are four tips to prioritize.

1. Understand How To Handle a Breakdown

Knowledge may pay off in dividends when your truck breaks down. First and foremost, understand that you cannot wholly halt this situation from happening. A tire may inevitably bust or go flat. Another driver's error could cause you to stop. Whatever the issue, know ahead of time how to manage the circumstances.

Pull off the road and stay away from traffic.  Have the number for one of the top commercial roadside assistance programs. Contact the service to receive immediate assistance. The sooner your rig and you are out of the way, the better!

2. Complete Maintenance On Schedule

It's tempting to head out without checking the tire pressure or ensuring the truck is properly working. However, a well-oiled transport that is looked after often is less likely to have trouble. Work with your company to have maintenance check on anything that seems off, and keep up with any routine repairs.

3. Recognize Your Blind Spot

Even expert, experienced drivers can fall victim to a blind spot. Know where it is, and check on this area often. Ensure that you know who is behind you, in front and sides.

4. Acknowledge Exhaustion

Are you cruising down the highway with your eyes closing on you? Are you struggling to stay awake with your hands on the wheel? There is a lot of pressure to get to a destination, but that shouldn't keep you from admitting you're tired. Exhaustion could lead to a crash; recognize you're tired and stop for a break.

There are a lot of factors influencing your driving and safety. Truck drivers have long days and evenings. Remember to inspect the vehicle regularly, know your blindspot and give yourself a chance to refresh.