What's the New Trend in FASS Fuel Air Separation System?

In addition to Silencing Technology, there are a variety of new trends being used in the FASS Fuel Air Separation System. These include Performance Radial Cuts, Silent Engine Technology, and Improved Fuel Mileage. In this article, we'll discuss these trends in more detail. Also, we'll discuss why each of these new trends is beneficial to the fuel efficiency and component life of your car.

Silencing Technology

FASS Fuel Air Separation System has the most advanced Silencing Technology available. Designed to eliminate air and contaminants from fuel, Silencing Technology in FASS Fuel Air Separation System is the most efficient fuel filter. The system eliminates up to 98% of all air and contaminants from fuel. Injector failure is a problem that plagues Powerstroke diesel engines. Using Silencing Technology in FASS Filtration System eliminates these problems.

FASS developed a silent fuel air separation system using a patented process that features radius cuts and tighter tolerances in all gears. These systems are built with a military spec coating on the aluminum base. They also feature a patented process for separating air/vapor from fuel. In addition, the FASS Silencing Technology helps minimize the noise in the system, while Performance Radius Cuts allow the energy to flow seamlessly into the engine.

FASS Fuel Systems are also beneficial for GM Duramax diesel engines. Because the Duramax does not have a factory lift pump, the CP3/CP4 injection pump must draw fuel under a vacuum to operate correctly. This causes additional stress to the pump and increases the risk of air entering the energy. As a result, FASS Fuel Systems are an excellent upgrade for a diesel truck. In addition, the FASS Fuel Air Separation System has proven to increase the life and performance of your diesel engine.

Performance Radial Cuts

FASS Fuel Systems has designed and manufactured Electric Diesel Fuel Pumps and Fuel Air Separation Systems for over 19 years. Their engineers have perfected the design of a fuel-air separation system to minimize the noise produced during operation. The quietest, most efficient, and highest performing fuel air separation systems are designed with radial cuts and tighter tolerances on all gears and gear assemblies. These components are topped with a military spec coating on an aluminum base.

The FASS system utilizes a large motor to force fuel under pressure through dual filtration stages. It removes water, air, dirt, debris, and other contaminants from diesel fuel. A FASS fuel air separation system is also a great way to prolong the life of a diesel injector and other parts of the engine. This system provides clean and efficient fuel for commercial and industrial vehicles. Its dual filtration process ensures that diesel fuel is entirely free of harmful contaminants and improves fuel mileage.

A FASS Fuel System can benefit a GM Duramax LML diesel engine. The factory lift pump is not a good idea for this vehicle. Instead, the CP4 injection pump must pull fuel under a vacuum, adding unnecessary stress to the CP4 pump. In addition, air can leak into the fuel. This can be a safety issue in some situations. A FASS Fuel System is an excellent upgrade for this vehicle.

Improves fuel mileage

FASS Fuel Systems has patented a patented and tranquil fuel air separation system. This system eliminates all fuel contaminants from the gasoline, while similar pumps only return a small portion of it. This excess fuel can damage your injectors and reduce fuel mileage. However, suppose you're looking for a system that improves fuel mileage without sacrificing noise. In that case, FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Series Diesel Fuel Pumps are the only ones with the fuel-air separation system.

The FASS STK-1002 consists of a bulkhead fitting and pickup tube. These components are crafted from PTFE Teflon to provide a durable and practical air and fuel separation solution for your vehicle. The system can safely operate down to the one-eighth fuel tank when properly installed. These systems are available with a four-year warranty. They'll significantly increase your fuel mileage.

The diesel fuel we use every day contains contaminants that can harm your car's engine. The FASS removes these contaminants with a specialized fuel filter and water separator, resulting in higher fuel mileage, fewer filter changes, and reduced maintenance costs. In addition, FASS extends the life of your diesel fuel injection system, as it provides the cleanest fuel possible. This means fewer oil changes, lower maintenance costs, and more powerful performance for your car.