Latest Updates on Mazda i-Activsense

i-Activsense is the name of the safety package made by Mazda, which you will find in action when you drive any Mazda product, released in the last few years. It is a wholesome package of safety and drive-assist features based on the latest technologies to sense a probability of collision, much before time. Mazda I-Activsense is the other name of safety technique that acts upon every probable danger a Mazda car faces. The I-Activsense is a system that takes charge of the vehicle controls automatically while alerting the driver of the same whenever it detects a probable driving hazard or a danger, commented one of the staff members of the Mazda dealership in Capitola.

Radar Cruise Control with Stop and Go Function

Mazda’s active cruise control system named the MRCC is one of those systems that become activated of its own when one turns on the cruise control system in a Mazda vehicle. This system gives the Mazda vehicle driver the option to choose between the distances from the following vehicle while driving through the different conditions like a busy city road, or an open highway. It automatically slows down the vehicle, can apply the brakes instantly, whenever the Mazda vehicle crosses the pre-determined distance, or disobeys the instructed speed limit.

The MRCC system also works in tune with a Stop & Go functionality that you can see in the 2022 Mazda CX-5 and CX-9 models. This system brings the Mazda vehicle to a complete stop at, and the most crucial times with a single tap on the accelerator. The MRCC will automatically take up the task of re-accelerating the vehicle to the previous speed if the road you are driving ahead is clear.

Smart Brake

The smart brake system of the Mazda I-Activsense package scans the road lying ahead up to 200 meters. When the sensors detect any obstacle within this area, the SBS starts applying the brakes, firstly to slow down the vehicle, and then brings it to a complete stop, if that is what is required avoiding a probable collision.

Pedestrian Detection

Pedestrian detection is yet another important feature included in Mazda’s I-Activsense that not only brings the ability to detect the cars ahead but also the pedestrians.

Apart from these, Mazda’s I-Activsense also includes features like Blind Spot Monitoring, Adaptive Front-Lighting System and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Forward Obstruction Warning, Lane Departure Warning System, Lane-keep Assist System, High Beam Control System, and many more. All these features work towards alerting the Mazda driver, of all the upcoming driving hazards and dangers so that he or she can take a quick decision to avoid the accident. Mazda’s I-Activsense either works towards increasing the visibility of the driver through cameras or empowers him or her with the sense of impending danger through radars and sensors. 

Final Thoughts

As rightly said by the Capitola Mazda dealership staff members, Mazda has always kept drive safety as the first priority. Therefore, the invention of I-Activsense stands for the concern Mazda has shown towards mankind, which is facing a deadly threat from road accidents. Through its I-Activsense Mazda has proved its ingenuity in engineering a strong wall of safety that has influenced the entire automotive industry so far.