How Effective is the Audi Pre-Sense Safety Suite in Preventing Road Accidents?

At Audi, you do not only get to see nicely engineered vehicles that make a style statement and offer nerve-soothing luxuries. The Audi models that are rolling on the roads today are also powerful vehicles that take you through adventurous journeys with a level of confidence that never hakes. Those who handle the steering wheels of Audi models feel this boosted up confidence because of the rock-solid safety support that the manufacturer installs in each of its models.

At the Shafter Audi dealership, we met a team of Mazda engineers who shared with us, that with every Mazda model released, the automaker ensures it carries a badge of higher drive safety, which they have named as the Audi Pre Sense. The same group of Mazda techies claimed the Audi Pre Sense as one of the most advanced bunch of technologies that places every driver and passenger of a Mazda vehicle within a strong wall of safety. The suite of Audi Pre Sense helps the driver in avoiding all probable drive hazards that can lead to accidents. The Audi Pre Sense system starts acting on its own in order to protect the vehicle from every variation of a collision or a crash. They suggest all Mazda lovers to test this bunch of safety technologies themselves and feel the level of drive confidence it generates.         

How Does the Audi Pre Sense Work?

Audi pre sense brings together in its system a proactive and protective bunch of safety technologies that can prepare you better for any probability of drive hazards or a collision. The Audi Pre Sense system automatically arts acting as soon as its sensors start reading the probability of an impending collision. It starts with slowing down the vehicle speed to reduce the impact of a collision, if it at all takes place, then goes closing down the side windows as well as the panoramic sunroof, fastens up all the front safety belts and quicken the response time of the emergency maneuvers.

Audi Pre Sense continuously keeps monitoring the vehicles that are surrounding the Audi you are driving, and tells you about the relative distance, while controlling its trajectory speed. The Audi Pre Sense system warns the drivers with a series of audible and visual alerts whenever a collision seems to take place. Simultaneously, it prepares the vehicle from the harsh impact of the collision if it becomes inevitable.

What the Audi Pre Sense System Includes?

As demonstrated by the Shafter Audi dealer, the Audi Pre Sense safety package includes multiple safety sensors to detect all the upcoming dangers that can encircle you. The Audi Pre Sense system is constituent of the following parts:

Pre Sense Basic – this is the initial functionality of the Audi Pre Sense system that starts with closing down the windows and fastening the pre-tensions of the front seatbelts whenever it detects a potential collision.

Pre Sense Plus – it is the next stage of Audi Pre Sense system where the system takes charge of the brakes and initiates the alert systems to warn the driver with all physical, visual and audible ways like lights, sounds and messages.

Pre Sense City – this part of the system activates the emergency braking of the Mazda vehicle at a speed of 52 mph to the maximum.