Here is the Troubleshooting Guide for Garage Doors

Garage is an essential part of our homes so its upkeep is important to keep it functional.  It consists of multiple components that serve our needs over prolonged periods. Once such part is its door, which if not well-maintained can malfunction and leave you in inconvenient situations. 

Hence, we must know the proper troubleshooting for these doors to help them last longer with us. By applying simple solutions, one can increase the lifespan of these doors. 

So, below is a quick guide to address common issues of these garage doors.  

Check for power

Your garage door will not work or operate properly if you are not supplying enough power. It would help if you try turning on the lamp on the door opener. You can also check by plugging in something else in the outlet of the opener. If you feel there is no power in the outlet, try to reset the corresponding breaker too. If the outlet is working fine, but the door is still unresponsive, you need to get it repaired.

Check the safety cord

If the opener is responding perfectly but the door is still not working, chances are high that you might have pulled the safety cord. To rectify this, close the garage door opener when the door is shut and latch the safety cord back into its correct position.

Check the remote

If the garage door is not opening even if the door lamp seems to be working flawlessly, you might want to recheck the remote. Try installing new batteries again and check their operation. If these issues prevail, you can replace your remote or reprogram your existing remote.

Reprogram the remote

There are cases when the remotes need reprogramming, even after changing the battery. The garage door remotes usually work in the similar fashion, and to reprogram them, you need to hold the LEARN button for quite a few seconds. You will see an LED indicator flash up. This is when you can press the button on the remote to open the garage door.

Check the sensors

If the doors are not opening or closing properly, there might be obstructions or faults with the sensor. Check if anything is blocking it and clear the dust, dirt, or debris.

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