Guide To Repair A Damaged RV

When an RV is considered for repairs after a collision, there are multiple moving parts involved during the process. Starting from the RV collision repair center, insurance companies, motorhome manufacturers, distributors of different parts, etc., determine the quality of the rv repairs spokane wa and the time that is taken. When an RV, whether it is a small size or a big one, is damaged in a collision, it is necessary to select the right service center.

Choosing the right RV collision center

Everyone dreads the days when their RV is damaged. When it takes place, an individual wants the parts of the RV to get repaired, or parts replaced quickly, correctly, and efficiently. A streamlined repair process is necessary to make things as much easier and simpler as possible.

Based on the collision repair center chosen in a specific region, one can expect a call with a preliminary estimate of the process. Once the RV is brought to the collision repair center, the experts thoroughly check the vehicle, suggest the best repair methods, discuss the insurance and the process of payment, and also set up a practical deadline to finish the repair process.

Repair process via the insurance claim

When an individual repairs his/her RV via an insurance claim, the process is different. The RV collision repair center works directly with the insurance company. This helps to save time and also speeds up the repair process. Similar to different RV manufacturers, every RV insurer is also different in its processes and way of operation. The experts at the collision center can guide an individual on the entire process and give regular updates on the same.

During the repair process, it is the lack of communication that is the number one complaint among customers. This is resolved when one chooses the right repair center. The center works around the travel plans and requirements of the customers and accordingly accommodates the repair and replacement procedures.

The repair process

Whether an insurance claim or a customer pay, the collision repair center starts working the moment it gets the green signal. When scratches, nicks, and chips are on the vehicle's body, experts recommend painting those affected areas. If the damage goes beyond the paint and fiberglass, the experts fill in the impacted regions with new fiberglass and replace them with panels if required.

The surface is levelled using a combination of hand blocks and sanders. Furthermore, there is a quality check performed by experts of collision centers to ensure the affected areas repaired are ready for paint. When paint-ready, a layer of primer is applied for paint adhesion. The final block sanding process is also executed to ensure the repair areas are smooth and without any imperfection.


A damaged RV repair can be time-consuming and an expensive affair. Thus, it is recommended to select the right RV collision repair center and initiate the repair process as soon as possible. One of the issues faced by the repair facilities is the lack of required replacement parts and rigs. This is yet another reason to choose and is big enough to accommodate the RV repair and replacement needs of all customers.