Collisions happen several times around us and because of this, people keep asking about the cause of these collisions. Collision repair san rafael helps to fix your automobile in times like this and ensures that your automobile becomes all new again, it is best to patronize the best automobile collision repair to ensure that no other damage is done to your automobile aside from the ones that were done at the collision spot. What are the causes of collision you may not know?

 Head-on collision may occur if your attention is taken away for a few minutes, if you are driving and you allow your attention to be divided for seconds or minutes you might end up running into people, static objects or end up colliding with another moving vehicle from another lane, collision repair experts have many times warned drivers to always ensure that their attention remains on diverted while driving, it is best to leave your mobile device alone while you are on the road because a lot can happen just within the short period you decide to answer your calls or text back on your phone, you might miss the sight of an incoming vehicle, people crossing or static  objects in front of you and before you know it, you might end up in a collision.

Drunk driving, sometimes on TV and Radio, you see adverts on the danger of driving when you have consumed or when you are consuming alcohol, collision repair experts says many of the collision accidents experienced by client are caused by either one of the drivers being drunk or both parties involved have consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheels, collision repair experts warns that if you as an automobile driver know you will be driving you should never consume alcohol and if you have consumed alcohol, it is better you don’t get behind the wheel as alcohol is capable of making you unconscious or dozing off and you never can tell what happens next, staying off alcohol will not only save your automobile from getting damaged but also your life and that of other road users from  being cut short.  Also, it is advisable to always be on the lookout for other drivers, some of the drivers using the same road with you might be dead drunk, so it is better you stay alert, to detect on time if a driver driving towards you is driving the wrong way, you might help avert accidents sometimes if you are very vigilant.