A Close Look At Our Fleet: Types, Amenities, And More

It is important to highlight that the main characteristics of each category, as well as the nomenclature, may vary according to the bus company such as chicagobuscharter.com for example. Below we detail the general characteristics of 6 different types of buses. Check below and find out which is ideal for each type of trip.

1 – Conventional Bus: Lower Cost And Simpler

The conventional bus like Our Charter Bus Fleet for example is the most basic and economical one offered by companies. Recommended for short trips. It does not offer extra services. The armchairs are padded and have little recline. This category has around 42 seats, accommodating passengers well, but without gaps. Some buses may also have air conditioning and a toilet – remember that the bathroom is only mandatory for trips lasting more than 3 hours. It is an ideal bus for short trips and day trips.

2 – Executive Bus: More Spacious

So that passengers have more space for seats and leg rests, executive buses generally have a smaller number of seats than conventional buses. They all have air conditioning and some companies usually offer extra services, such as mineral water. The executive bus is a good option for short and medium trips and when it is possible within your budget. This type of bus may be ideal for the destinations selected in the link below.

3 – Semi-Sleeper Bus: More Comfortable

Here we are already talking about a bus for longer trips. It offers more comfort and peace of mind for passengers. For semi-sleeper buses, companies also provide, in addition to water and air conditioning, sanitized blankets and pillows.

As we said at the beginning of this post, the bus nomenclature may change depending on the company. Therefore, be aware: some buses categorize the semi-berth as an executive. Now that you know that this bus is ideal for longer trips, click the button below and find out everything about long bus trips.

4 – Sleeper Bus: Comfort On Long Journeys

If you are not satisfied with the bus options we have shown so far and want more comfort, then the sleeper bus is your option. The number of passengers on this type of bus does not usually exceed 28 and the seats have leg rests. The seats are wide and completely reclining, also offering rest for your legs. On trips with a bed, the buses offer blankets, pillows, and water. Some companies even offer a TV with DVD, Wi-Fi, snacks, and individual radio.