5 Must-Have Accessories on a Road Trip


When taking long or off-road trips, it is crucial to ensure that motorcycle riders have appropriate gear and accessories for the ride that helps make the journey safer, convenient, and more comfortable. There are many must-have accessories that motorcycle riders might want to consider. Gadgets and accessories, such as TraX adventure top cases, help keep your luggage secure while on the road. Other accessories such as handlebar risers, drybags, and saddlebags can help add functionality to your motorcycle. 

One of the essential accessories on the road is a navigation mount that holds GPS units and other multimedia devices in place. These can be mounted to handlebars, cockpit, crossbars, steering head, or mirror stems and help keep the attached object steady for better visibility. Many navigation mounts are adjustable, accommodating GPS units, smartphones, and cameras.

Besides this, it is also crucial to invest in secure storage such as TraX side cases for your ride, which are extremely strong but lightweight. It allows easy handling with carry handles, removable lid, and re-inforced corners, making it easy to attach additional luggage for your ride.

Other must-have accessories for riders are handguards which offer essential protection for the rider's hands from dirt, rain, gravel, and wind. Along with waterproof gloves and heated grips, handguards give your hands, the bike's brake, and clutch lever adequate protection in case of a fall or accident. Handguards typically consist of a metal backbone and plastic guards for riders.

It is also vital for riders to have a tyre repair kit for every road trip, which contains a comprehensive set of tools and consumables that are needed in repairing tubed or tubeless tyres. It typically includes CO2 cartridges, CO2 release valves, repair strings, cold patches, glue, and rasps.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are more road trip essentials that you might want to consider in case you travel on the road. Having these accessories can help you have fun, exciting, and safe adventures on your journey. 

For more information about the different must-have accessories for motorcycle riders, here is an infographic provided by Motorrad Garage.